Thursday, February 22, 2007

cant wait for spring

I just cant wait for spring!

We have had lovely weather here lately, not too cold, lots of sunshine, and its making me long my cool spring clothing... and activities :)

These cards where a big favorite before the Holidays.. I must admit I was even swamped with orders at one point!

.button flower flatnotes.

They are quite unique... and as cute as a button!

Each card is hand embroidered, featuring gorgeous multicoloured vintage repurposed buttons.

They are made out of recycled and often salvaged paper / cardboard i collect in the recycling bins at my various work places... I just cant bare the thought of perfectly good cardboard going to waste!

I use all kinds of buttons: new, vintage, in several colours and materials: plastic, glass, metal, mother of pearl...

.button flower flatnotes.

This particular batch of cards was made using rejected buttons i came upon... They where tossed from the factory because they had slight imperfections... some have smudges, or are slightly oval, some are not perfectly embossed, and some even don't have all their wholes, or none at all! I found
myself with a bag full of unloved buttons! I just had to find them a new home!

You can see more here


Enthral said...

Great idea Tomate. Those are super cute. :)

.tomate d'epingles. said...

thanks so much!