Monday, February 12, 2007

hand wrapped gemstones, Silver and vintage button sculpture ring

Last week, I received a brand new material for my jewelry making passion: Silver filled wire.

This "high quality wire from Germany is made specifically for the jewelry-making industry, and is considered by many to be second only to solid sterling silver". I learned a lot about wire before my purchase, thanks to the detailed item descriptions and patient replies to my numerous inquiries by
cat dancing ranch. Silver filled wire is made by "bonding sterling silver to a pure copper core". It will resists tarnish and wear and tear better than plated or coated wire - and is of a much higher quality - as it contains more Sterling.

Here is my first creation with this new material.

This ring features a vintage wood button, a vintage faux pearl, a vintage tiki bead, a Silver platted bead and an explosion of gemstones: Mookite, Mother of Pearl, Cornelian… The ring base is hand wrapped, and is approximately size 6.

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Enthral said...

Love that ring Tomate. I've got some silver filled wire sitting here from catdancing grinch too. Also some gold filled. Still trying to figure out what I want to do with it!

.tomate d'epingles. said...

she is so friendly, isnt she?
i cant wait to see what you do with those wires!