Thursday, February 15, 2007

hand wrapped gemstones, Silver, and vintage treasures sculpture ring - rhinestones baby, rhinestones!

bling bling alert ;)

I keep going back and forth between Silver and Copper... But I do tend to always use the same colours with one and other... For example, pink and Silver always come to mind... or Amber and Copper... I will try to force myself to mix and match other colours in the future...

This ring is version 2.0 of rings I made for xmas gifts... It should be much sturdier!

This ring features a black coconut shell flat bead, a vintage trumpet flower shell bead, a vintage Swarovski crystal, a vintage Rhinestones incrusted button, a vintage glass faux pearl, and an explosion of gemstones: pink Quartz, vintage Mother of Pearl, a Freshwater pearl, a hot pink pearl shell drop...

The ring base is hand wrapped Silver filled wire, and is approximately size 6.

You can see more here

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Heidi said...

These are so creative, like art for your fingers!