Wednesday, February 21, 2007

simple pleasures

I have so much turmoil in my life right now that I long for simplicity...

This is reflected in my latest jewelry, I think

black Freshwater Pearls and Silver
I have bared the designs down to the minimum and I am liking what I see

These new designs where so fun to work with and cleared my thoughts so well i made over ten new pieces this weekend alone!
I guess you can call it jewelry-therapy


Enthral said...

Tomate, I love the mother of pearl earrings! So modern and clean looking. Perfect!

.tomate d'epingles. said...

thanks so much!
they kind of look like bows (as in bow and arrow) and i'm digging that :)

budanART said...

I love the simplicity of the mother-of-pearl earrings too. You have emphasized the beauty by removing all the unnecessary stuff :-)

.tomate d'epingles. said...

thats exactly what i was going for!
so glad it transpires ... thanks!