Friday, March 2, 2007

Beautifull Canadian treasures!

budanart created this lovely treasury on etsy to celebrate our +200 membership :)

you can see cool items from mwahcreations, jewelsinwire, enthral, and my two new personal discoveries of the day, kristi222 and groovyglassgirl

Join now!

You too can join the Trans-Canada Etsy Street Team!

If you are a Canadian etsy buyer or seller and are interested in keeping contact / promoting with other Canadian etsy buyers or sellers, please feel free to join the Trans-Canada Etsy Street Team!

Please go to our flickr group and join!

DONT FORGET to give me your etsy user name/shop name and location in Canada :) PLEASE NOTE that this is a temporary measure until the street team pages, that are not functionnal since v2, come back online

1 comment:

Pam McFadyen said...

I am so glad I caught this one. Thanks so much for the beautiful page! You have great taste!