Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I feel Fine...

I just received this: tada!

Its fantastic Fine Sterling Silver wire, to use in my jewelry

I gave it a try last night and my first impressions where a bit of disappointment mixed with anticipation: i have to learn to wire work all over again :)

I have started my wire working training on simple pure Copper wire, which I adore for its earthy beauty, but also because its very easy to work.

hand wrapped gemstone and leather sculpture ring
I also tried Brass, which is as lovely to work with as Copper, but does not, for some reason, inspire me as much.
I later moved on to Galvanised Steel, for most of my jewelry for men. I like the raw look, the industrial feel it has. Its actually quite hard to work because its very stiff. I then had to learn to wire work with its stiffness.
pour moi - industrial 1 - lava stone and galvanised steel ring
Lately I was really into Copper core Silver plated wire, which is an absolute love to work with, combining the flexibility of copper with the beauty of Silver. But, its not as supple as Copper, so I had to yet again learn to wire work from scratch...
hand wrapped gemstones, Silver, and vintage treasures sculpture ring 2me n my vintage flowers and Silver earrings
And now this :)

Keep an eye out for my new sculptures!

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