Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its Your Life!

yeah! all these pouches are now in paper ya on granville island in vancouver. go check em out while the pickins prime! not that any are less cute then the next.. but you know what i mean.

i have extras for my etsy shop :D

mushroom squirrel pouch (in shop now! click on image):

and little red riding hood pouches for listing later. click on image to go to my shop!

its my fuggin birthday today.
i am 28. 28! thats almost 30.

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tanisalexis said...

ah great stuff- nicole, I saw your stuff in paperya during the holiday and thought- 'whoah- trippy'. lol.

28 huh? happy happy - I just turned 28 myself this year. :P you are a taurean bull tho- so that counts for something very good. (the b/f is a 'bull' too)

your little fan:
Tanis xo