Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TRANSCRIPT AND DISCUSSION - Trans-Canada Mods Meet-up. Friday the 15th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time

Here are the notes to the meeting that we had last Friday
I did not make a good secretary way back when, I still am not a good secretary :)
I have taken the liberty of adding some little points that came to mind as I was re-writing this.
Lets discuss all this further
It was suggested we have a meeting every month.
I humbly suggest the tentative date of July 13th (it’s a Friday the 13th, ouh!)
Take care
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.tomate d'epingles. says:
Date Friday the 15th 2007
Time from 8:30 to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Where present (admin) (co-admin) and (our newest member!)

Some of the points discussed this evening where:
The image of the etsy transcanadian highway team.
The participation level of the team members.
Publicity opportunities.

It was suggested that we should try to unify our look. To do so, several steps will be taken.
1. A new write up of the team goals… Part of that task will be taken on by who has kindly accepted to create a mission statement for the team… The rest of this task, which could be writing some group descriptions and publicity texts, has not been assigned yet, but should be made in accordance to our mission statement
2. has gracefully accepted to create a new image for the team. Part of her task will be an avatar, a banner, and some sort of publicity template
3. will take care of all the publicity angles, as she is already a team leader in that domain, continuing to create new ideas and new promo items

We discussed the fact that the team members do not seem to participate much. We have talked about some of the factors that can be a factor that hinders participation, like:
the team tools on do not work since the implementation of v2, hence, it is impossible to contact team members massively; although we have offered alternate communication methods, these methods are seldom used (maybe because we have to register to flickr or yahoo?); major team announcements are not that often posted on the team blog; the size of the team; the disparity of the team members; the location of teams members discourages get togethers, and encourages division; the lack of publicity of the team…
Please note that in my humble opinion, some of these points, the team size, for example, should be seen a s a bonus and not a negative point :)

To help create more participation, several steps will be taken, including:
1. ask members to publicize us in their shop announcements, for example
2. contests, monthly challenges to entice participation (on the blog and in the flickr group)
3. create a flyer that contains a piece of art from everyone (? Still pending)
4. will create a trans-can myspace page
5. will clean up the members list… inactive shops will be removed (I may even contact each active team member individually to be sure they still want to be in the team, but, I may run out of time before I get to do that)
6. will close the current thread on etsy that publicizes the team and start a new one with our rules in it, clearly stating participation is not really optional ;)
7. Tanis and Guylaine will try their best to use the blog as the main information source, blogging all the team news as they come, and the flickr group as a secondary information source
8. a team SHOP will be created by and more news on this soon!
9. we should start using the team urls in a more official way… for now we have and … we need only one, so we should vote for which one we keep… and we should also decide what does this url point to… the blog? the team shop?

Things the group is struggling with
1. group is very big
2. group has lots of different types of people and crafts / arts
3. low participation ratio
4. members do not publicize the team, hence, we are not very visible in Canada

Things the group has and can use to create strength / visibility / participation
1. learn to get power form our numbers, or divide and conquer
2. marketing through networking
3. after the new look is implemented, contact zines, blogs and webs for publicity (interviews, reviews or simple paid advertisement)
4. the flickr group could be used as a discussion tool

Things we need to discuss in a later meeting:
The new look
The team shop

how do we promote and market our group as 'Canadian' if a: only a few participates and B: we try to avoid the stereotypes like maple leaf's?!

we have to find the focus of the group... promoting etsy, yes, promoting etsy Canadian sellers, yes
but how?
what is our goal?

how do we make consistent marketing when all that unites us is etsy? (for example, etsy metals is all metal smiths, so its easier to focus the publicity)

what are good marketing venues?
newspapers, magazines, blogs...
what of flyers, add, banners?


Foulfowl said...

I'd love to participate more, it's just I don't know how :P

The meeting sounds fruitful! I saw the list before and it's pretty huge! It'd be nice to have them categorized :)

I'll add your link to my blogroll to promote :)

.tomate d'epingles. said...

you can participate by commenting here, or joining the flickr group that is here
Those are temporary solutions until etsy fixes the team tools that have been out of function for several long months now...
Take care!