Saturday, July 14, 2007

Animal Friends - Vintage Necklaces at Its Your Life

Its Your Life presents...

This rabbit pendant necklace is so strange and detailed and old school:
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it comes on a gold plated chain and is a very cool piece.

Another vintage animal friend is this super rare crystal cameo necklace of a scotty dog!
on a long oxidized brass chain, its such a wicked piece.
The cameo is a very vintage one dating back to the 50's. Made in Western Germany, back in the day they used to make lots of these kinds of glass crystal intaglios. Its seems as the years past, they (*gasp*) lost this technique. This crystal cameo is in mint condition, bought from my supplier who deals exclusively with closed down manufactures and Rhode Island vaults :D I am 100% positive this is one of the rarest cameos I have. and its for you!

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