Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Filigree Wrapped Vintage Intaglio Necklaces

By Its Your Life!

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first up we have my favorite! Sailing the high seas :D

next is this one.. sooo lovely. its a favorite of mine too.
i repainted the intaglio with shimmery blue and black..

now this piece i named after my favorite lady dancer on so you think you can dance. i know, dorky right.
*warning*reality tv whine ahead* but i swear to god she deserves to be in the top 10 over sucktastic mug face lauren (hurl). anya should be dancing with pasha on the tour damnit! anyway heres a pic i made of them for those that dont know what she looks like:

and here is the necklace i think suits her style:

this last one is another fave of mine.. its of this nude lady playing an open harp. she has a boob, and an ear, and of course her harp. i used these super amazing sparkle heat treated quartz as a dangle. its gorgeous...


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