Friday, September 14, 2007

Fresh Start & New Direction for the The Trans-Canada Highway Etsy Team

Hello all!

Over the Summer, the Trans-Canada Highway Etsy Team administrators and moderators came to a realisation. The team as it is right now, in its several hundreds of members glory, cannot continue to function properly. It has reached its maximum capacity and joyfully, it is time for a change for the better.

In order to be a successful street team, we must be active in taking the word of etsy and our Canadian etsians out to the street, in promoting our team and our team member's shops.

We want to thank dearly all our team members who are, amidst the hurdles, active; thank you for all the great ideas you've shared, events you've planned, discussions you've sparked, and so much more!!! We wouldn't be so strong without those efforts.

If you would like to help us out more and join in our fabulous Mod Squad, check out our call for squad members here:

To help us grow and be a better team, we will be asking ALL our team members - the ones who are active, the ones who want to be active in the future, and also the ones who aren't yet a team member but are motivated - to please register *again* to the team using this new tool graciously provided by our very own cghandmade

By registering again, each team member will stay informed of all the teams activities, discussions & news. All of this information will be available in one source, not scattered accross the net. Hooray!!!

Registering again will also help us remove any inactive shops from our list, members that are no longer interested in being part of the team and refreshing the list of shops for our target market.

Starting now, to be a member of the etsy Trans-Canada street team, you will be expected to be an active member. As an active member in our team we want you to be friendly, take part in conversations, events and group projects. Submitting new ideas, and contributing a small amount of your time to this group makes it possible for our community to grow and gain strength.

We have plenty of new ideas for the team, to be revealed this Fall! We are very excited for this new turn our team is taking! Ideas range from our very own etsy team shop, a collective craft sale for our members, promotional swaps as well as cooperative style advertising. Much much more to come, but we need YOU!

Please take a second to register to the team, and to our mailing list here:

Our Revised Criteria for Joining our Team:
1. Be an Etsy Buyer or Seller
2. Live in Canada
3. Be an active member of this group!

We cant wait to see our true North team in action!
Thanks so much & Crafty Love to you-
Tanis &

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