Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hello Everybody!
Welcome to the first eVer trans canada sooper seekrit santa swap!

Here are the nitty gritties!

The deadline to enter is October 22nd 12 noon central time!! So hurry and sign up!

The deadline for mailing will be December 12- 2007. This will (hopefully) ensure that everyone, even those in more remote areas of canada get their secret santa package. A little something something just for you!♥

More diddly-o's
Please include at least 5 items in your secret santa package. At least 3 have to be handmade by the sender.

That is it !
Please send your;
► snailmail addy
►a list of "i LoVe and I don't LoVe (please include all allergies favorite colors, things and everything else!)
► If you have pets
►If you are willing to ship to any of our faboo canadians living around the world
► a little poem about how much you love me >0.o< teehee J/K

To: hello.willowcat {at} gmail {dot} com
subject: sooper seekrit santa swap!


Dre said...

Yay Thank you Elanknits!! Everyone, don't forget to join the flickR

Rhonda said...

Sounds like fun!!!