Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buy Handmade

Buy HandmadeEtsy and some partner organizations (The Handmade Consortium) launched an initiative today to encourage consumers to buy handmade gifts this year. They are promoting this Buy Handmade Pledge:

I pledge to BUY HANDMADE this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me.

And they want you to visit their site and sign the pledge sheet to support handmade! Etsy has stated that this is more than a simple marketing campaign, by adding that "we view this as a call to action for consumers to be conscious of how they spend their money and, whenever possible, to support independent creators."

Since I will be selling my handmade goods at a craft market this weekend, I decided it would be a good time to help promote this. So tonight I created these bookmarks to give out to my customers.

I wanted it to be something that the consumer might want to actually keep as a bookmark and not just toss aside, so I even took the time to punch a hole in the end and add a string.

Use this graphic to make your own bookmarks:

I just assembled this using the images on the Buy Handmade website. Click on the above image to get the full size. Download the full size version and import it into your word processing software. I was able to print five per page. So I printed them on colourful cardstock, then sliced them using a utility knife and ruler. Easy, and handmade! I'll give them out to my customers this weekend and help spread the word.

Go on, buy handmade!


.tomate d'epingles. said...

that is a great idea!
i think i'll print a bunch on some recycled card-stock i have and start including them in my orders
i took the pledge too :)

tanisalexis said...

brilliant ideas!!! thanks so much both of you. Rhonda that article is great.

I will keep you both posted about promos from etsy.

cheers! t

elan said...

Super, I took the pledge this morning & will make some book marks to give out at my next sale as well.