Friday, October 26, 2007

How do the holidays affect your work?

Welcome to the third Trans Canada Highway Street Team carnival! This weeks question was How do the holidays affect your work? and we have received a variety of postes.

First .tomate d'├ępingles. presents
Buy Handmade this holiday season Buy Handmade this holiday season posted at .tomate d'├ępingles. blog.

Next the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team is Preparing for holidays posted at Bookbinding Etsy Street Team.

Finally Sonia C. at Queen Mum's WIP and Uli at Uli's Needlework World both give us their take on how the holidays motivate their crafting both personally and professionally.

That concludes this weeks edition. Be sure to submit your blog article using our carnival submission form to the next edition of the trans-canada highway team carnival by November 7th where the question posed is What is it that makes your product *special*?

I'm in desperately in need of ideas for future carnivals! Please email me your ideas, or leave a message in this posts comments.


Rhonda said...

How about some Etsy Marketing ideas? Or even more generally, online marketing - everyone must have some little tip(s) they could share.

Rhonda said...

Or perhaps you could ask people to write about their Worst/Best craft show experience? Or "lessons learned" at craft shows?