Tuesday, October 2, 2007

TRANSCRIPT - Trans-Canada Mods Meet-up. Monday October 1st at 4:30 p.m. Western Time

Date: Monday October 1st 2007
Time: from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Western Time
Where present: (admin) (co-admin) (team look designer), (communications expert), and (our newest members! Welcome!)

Some of the points discussed this evening where:
Revamping the etsy team page
The top 100 list
Our fabulous contest !
Our presence on the web

Revamping the etsy team page

TanisAlexis will contact admin to have these elements added to our team page:
- how to register- The new banner (created by, see it here
- an up to date list of team members- links to our mod-squad's shops - our links galore
- Once the contest is up and running, we will also add that to the etsy team page

The top 100 list

It was decided that the top 100 list will not be updated anymore for lack of interest.

Did someone say contest?!

We want to have a team contest to bring more attention to our team and beautiful list of Canadian etsians.
We call it "Best collection of Canadian handmade goodies"

To participate, etsy shoppers must create a poster of 9 Canadian items available on etsy

The posters will be displayed in our flickr group, and must be submitted before midnight on November 3rd.

The mod-squad will assemble and vote the same week-end, for the prize will be a beautiful gift basket (that could be useful, just in time for the holidays) that will be shipped ASAP by Santa! ;)

The beautiful basket so far contains prizes from and

See more info here if you wish to donate gifts

Our presence on the web

The Trans-Canada Etsy Team is all over the web!
Here is a list of links
Please add any missing!


tanisalexis said...

it looks fabulous-o tomate. you and neawear have done a lovely job sweeping up the cobwebs and making our blog look nice and bright. :) thank you!!!!

.tomate d'epingles. said...

thanks, Tanis!

Ellen said...

The blog looks very nice! I am already a member of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team, but how can I join the blog?
Thanks, Ellen

.tomate d'epingles. said...

hi Ellen!


did you register to the team, and to our mailing list, using this address:

if yes, welcome to the team!
if not, please do so :)

We would love to have you become a part of our blogging team!
to be a blog contributor, i need your email address
please DONT give it to me here, for security reasons... contact me on etsy its much safer :)

take care