Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it art or craft?

Welcome to the October 11, 2007 edition of the trans-canada highway team.

This weeks theme was Is it art or craft? A question posed and pondered by many of us as we finger our knitting, hold our hand-bound journals, or hang new painting, prints, or photos' on the walls of our homes.

Rhonda Miller give us her take in Art vs. Craft posted at My Handbound Books - Bookbinding Blog, and with a different opinion we have Sonia C. with Is it art or craft? posted at QueenMum's WIP.

That concludes this weeks edition. Be sure to submit your blog article using our carnival submission form to the next edition of the trans-canada highway team carnival by October 25 where the question posed is How do the holidays affect your work?

If your have any ideas for future carnival topics, or are interested in hosting a carnival please email me or leave a message in this posts comments.

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