Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check Out... Stocking Stuffers

Ths holidays are upon us and if you're like me your're amidst an Etsy ordering frenzy! Check out these great stocking stuffers from Trans-Canada team members:

Super sweet Pretty Wild Ponies from O C Baby ... there are some fun rock n' roll options too!

Sweetiepie tiny stockings from rikrak... how fun would it be to package your stocking stuffers in mini stockings!

The perfect gift for the green person in your life... a silkscreened hanky from tanisalexis

Silky earrings from tomate d'epingles are made from vintage fabric leftovers and would definitely give some pop to any holiday outfit!

These Needle and Yarn stitch markers from Designed by RJ are the perfect little gift for any knitter!

Who doesn't love a cheeky monkey? Find these and more fun little earrings at Scatter Joy.


.tomate d'epingles. said...

great list!
thanks so much for this :)

Rhonda said...

ah, great stuffers!

tanisalexis said...

great post full of great ideas. - thanks kindly for the mention. :)

ocbaby said...

Thanks so much! I just saw this! What great choices!