Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trading Post

Any members of the Trans Canada Etsy Team who are interested in trades will want to check out the Trading Post. If you want to add your Etsy shop to the list of shops open to trades, then hop over to the Flickr discussion group and join the party.

Here's a little taste from shops that are already in the Trading Post. Check out the Flickr discussion group to see what kinds of things the various sellers are interested in trading.

Holidays are coming and money is sometimes short but supplies we almost always have! So let us spend a little time, save a few bucks and make a new friend!

Trading Post Guidelines
1. Have fun!
2. Don't be offended if the person you want to trade with doesn't want to trade back. Sometimes you just may not have what they need and that's ok.
3. Please be fair with trades, take shipping costs into consideration and trade as close as possible to the combined value.
4. Have more fun!

Visit the Trading Post

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