Thursday, January 17, 2008

Roll Call!

Hey all you Trans-Canada Team Members:

We're having a team-wide sale!!!

Starting Feb. 18 and running thru Feb. 24

Choose your own offer. Give a % discount, give away freebies, switch it up daily if you want ~ it's totally up to you!

For more details please head on over to The Trans-Canada Etsy Team Flickr group and check-out the thread "Feb. 08 Team Sale"

If you submit your "Yeah, sign-me up" by Sunday, Jan. 19 your shop name will be included on the promo flyer. But don't fret, you can jump in at any time to participate.

How to's and what not's will be detailed at our Flickr group ~ so head on over! Sign-up and learn how to help promote the heck out of our upcoming sale!

Please note: team members are not required to participate, but as always ~ the more the merrier!

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