Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Feeling Sunny

Good day to all you TransCanadians and other visitors. How is weather treating you? Here in Southwestern Ontario, we had a lovely spring-like day. It could have been the temperature (a balmy positive two degrees celcius), or perhaps the extra dose of sunshine thanks to Daylight Savings Time; who really knows? The fact that matters is that I felt happy and warm and sunny!

Here are some other things that make me feel sunny...

TransCanada Etsy Team is Sunny!

1. PaperGirlProductions, 2. letitiah: vintage yellow circles with little teal disc earrings, 3. yellow wood grain card
4. little bongo, 5. Lemon Necklace, 6. It's Cloud 9 All The Time note card
7. lemon book, 8. Yellow Drops Pendant, 9. Hemp Flower Pin in Yellow and Red

I hope you enjoy this little ray of sunlight as much as I did!

(Mosaic of Sunshine created by Jen of Persephone's Awakening)


Nicole R.J. said...

It IS a crazy, unseasonal week - the snow is still pilled so high, but I'm loving that the sun is finally peeking out!

Great collection of sunshine! :)

theprimpantry said...

I love yelloW! Nice job

bookyeti said...

Awesome pics...I needed a bit of sun on this grey day! :)

Laura Bucci said...

I'm glad my hemp flower pin makes your day a bit sunnier! What a nice tableau of yellow.

Cat said...

These are fun!!
Thanks for including my woodgrain card! :)

rikrak said...

oh i loev that mosaic, jen! thanks so much for having bongo in it!