Thursday, March 13, 2008

~Playin the Glad Game~

As a bit of an introduction: I'm Katie, owner of I love to write (as well as hundreds of other hobbies, much to my husbands dismay!) so I've offered to write a few blog entries every now and then! If you have any questions at all please feel free to convo me on Etsy or here in the comments. I'd love to hear from you! You can also visit me at my blog, Katelynjane's Note Book.

I've heard so many Etsy sellers say this line lately: "Business is slow, we're all feeling it". Not a happy thought is it? Nope. So. Do we just sit there, waiting for business to pick up again? Do we wait for the next sale to slap us on the butt and say "hello darlin!"? Well, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. You'll get a red hand mark that really stings.

Here's some simple tips to bide the time until the next sale rush comes your way.

1) Work on promoting your store on Etsy but other sites as well. Help others in the forums, post comments on Storque articles, suggest a Storque article, encourage other sellers by convo'ing them (although, be careful not to spam!!). Just let other Etsy sellers (and buyers) know who you are and that you care!

2) Join new sites. Flickr, Myspace and Facebook all have groups that relate to crafting, sewing, paper-works, painting, name it, it's there! Join a few of them, leave comments and make yourself known! Don't just make this a one day thing, go back a couple times a week and leave a couple comments. You need to build a lasting relationship with members as well as a lasting view of who you are! You want them to think of you first when they're in need of what you specialize in.

3) Make or buy new business cards, spice them up, make them colorful and attractive. Make a list of several stores in your area (physical stores) that you haven't displayed your cards in. Pick an afternoon to go to these stores and see if they'd be willing to have a card holder of them beside the till. This way you're reeling in new clients off of Etsy.

4) Update your store's appearance. A new banner and avatar are cheap to buy or easy to make and can refresh the look of your store. Re-write your stores announcement and update any pictures that might need to be changed.

Of course there's a ton more things you could do, these are just a few to get you started!

Instead of getting down in the dumps that business is slow, let's flip it and make this a positive time to rejuvenate and improve our stores!


Damien Riley said...

I have no idea what etsy is ;) I am sure my wife probably does so i will ask her. I do, on the other hand, know a little about blogging and backlinks. Good job on your first guestblog post. Those credits build up and before you know it the advertisers start to get interested! Congrats.

windy angels said...

Thanks for these suggestions. I've only just started my shop so might be a while till I get much action.
I've always known about the idea of promoting self in numerous other places. Unfortunately I don't have much time for that, or creating, right now.
Think I'll just bop off of here for the moment and go do some painting. :D
thanks again

katelynjane said...

Thanks Damien! Tell your wife to check out (: She'll love it (:

Windy, thanks so much! I'm really glad I could help out! If you have any questions, just convo me on Etsy! My suggestion is: pick two or so sites to promote and comment on, and do so several times a week. It doesn't have to be lengthly, just a kind word here and there or a suggestion. Just let them know you're there! Good luck!