Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wedding Season

I was sitting at my desk, thinking about what to write when my mind wandered to wedding plans. AHA! That's it! I'll write about wedding plans!

My love and addiction for wedding planning started at my own wedding. I hadn't realized how much fun I would have! I loved keeping notes, organizing, scheduling meetings with my seamstress, and coming up with original ideas.

Two years later I offered to help a friend with her wedding. She was super stressed and didn't know where to start. She told me her colors and I immediately got excited! They were the same as mine! I knew what I would do if I was to plan my wedding all over again, so I offered her my services and she nearly fainted with relief.

This summer I have another two weddings to plan and I'm hoping for more!

Wedding planning isn't for everyone, it's stressful and busy and if you're trying to be creative and you're not that type of person, it's obviously going to be tough. Heres some links to help you out and ease your stress.

Before you go on here's my biggest piece of advice: Always remember, as long as you have yourself, you to-be-husband and our wedding certificate nothing else really matters. Keep telling yourself that when you get stressed. The other details would be nice, but if they don't work it's ok! (This was my secret for not ripping my hair out, and it worked!)

Style Me Pretty is a blog with some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Enjoy: the Blog, another site for creative and unique ideas.

Flickr has great groups and pictures full of ideas, look up your colors or style and see what inspires you!

Party at Lewis is a new site I just found, it's got great discounted items that I found to be great prices!

And of course, Etsy's Wedding Series!

Last but not least, my Etsy store, where I sell wedding brainstorming packages. You provide me with your colors and style and I help you come up with original ideas for your special day. There are three packages for sale, all different prices. Check out my store for more details!

ps: I just found this great little Etsy store. If you're looking for a unique hair accessory for your wedding, check out Mikiye!


Mikiye Creations said...

Oh THANK YOU so much for including me here on this post!!!!
I have SO MANY Canadian clients!

Such great other links too!
(I always have to click and see what else everyone is talking about)

I LOVE the Style Me Pretty blog too!

katelynjane said...

You're welcome! I always love to promote great Etsy stores, I just happened to stumble upon yours when I was writing this!