Friday, March 21, 2008

What's in your cart?

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I recently did a bit of Team Canada shopping. I'd been looking for a pouch for my cell phone. I definitely wanted something handmade, but not too big. This little quilted pouch from made from vintage fabric fit perfectly, and is definitely cushy enough to keep my phone safe. But the best part? There's the option to select your own fabric! Yay!

I also picked up two sets of custom tags, which I plan on using as thank you notes, from Mon Ami has some lovely tags, complete with shimmery ribbons to tie them to your package. I didn't need the ribbons, and Cathy was great to work with - she took two of her existing designs, that I loved, and made them without the ribbons so I could use them as flat enclosures.

I'm so happy with my purchases, and not only are both shops totally worth checking out, the customer service was fantastic. But then, we Canadians are known for being nice, right?


rikrak said...

yay! thanks so much for your kind words and for shopping canadian, nicey! so glad that you like it - and i love all of the goodies you've bought in that photo!! woohoo!!

katelynjane said...

Beautiful note cards! I love them (: Just adding MonAmi as a fave on Etsy!