Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earth Day series - Colleen Baran

Colleen Baran is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC who has exhibited and published internationally. Her work is based on a love of pattern, line and shapes that are clean, modern and organic.

What makes your shop, art or craft eco-conscious and how do you incorporate this awareness into your shop and studio?
My life is very organic, vintage, handmade and eco-conscious so it’s natural that my work would be also.
When buying supplies I focus on supporting small local businesses whenever possible (including when it costs a bit more) and am incorporating ever more recycled, repurposed and vintage materials into my work. I'm conscious of avoiding environmentally unfriendly materials/ techniques. I avoid the many rather visually wonderful but ‘chemical heavy’ processes and focus on simple techniques that use hand tools.

Do you use recycled packaging and/or materials?
In packaging, 99% of the envelopes I use are made of recycled materials and I use vintage ribbon, threads and sometimes wrapping paper to wrap the little protective boxes.

In my work I use all materials carefully; I recycle my extra silver and I often use recycled gold. In my more conceptual pieces I also use recycled and repurposed plastics and vintage textiles.

How do you save on energy consumption in your workspace?
My energy consumption is fairly minimal as the vast majority of my work is made individually using hand tools so the energy consumed is largely my own. And my energy comes from natural and organic foods & tea :)

Colleen 's current exhibition 'Like Wearing a Love Letter' begins on March 27th and runs until May 4th 2008 at the Crafthouse Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver. In this exhibit she uses all either repurposed or recycled plastics, recycled gold and some recycled silver. It is about little stories of love, including pieces with vessels for hiding stories ('The Love Inside’ Series) and with layered petals that are like cloudy thought bubbles or a bouquet (You See Me).
So if you happen to be in Vancouver during this time make a point of checking out her show.
Colleen has recently been featured in 5 books including 'The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry’ by Joanna Gollberg. To find out more about this accomplished Vancouver artist please go to her Etsy profile or her blog titled SeeSeebe.
Thank-you very much Colleen.

This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Designs and Kootsac re-usable food bags.

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