Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Canadian Goodie Bag!

Our wonderful TransCanada Etsy Team has put together sensational & fabulous goodie bags, full of delightful handmade treasures from all around Canada!

We've just listed our very first one! And it can be yours!

Come and see!

Each goodie bag is unique and one of a kind!

This one features an assortment of amazing blue treasures, including journals, 2 sets of earrings, art papers, 3 cards, a pendant, hair-elastics, magnet, a zipper pull and lots more!

Come visit our team shop for more great items from talented Canadians:

And check back soon for the next wonderful goodie bag - priced at a fraction of the retail price!

Yay Canada!

1 comment:

rikrak said...

our Team is fabulous! thanks for the post! ;)