Friday, June 27, 2008

CANADA DAY Treasure Hunt

Join us in our team wide Treasure Hunt! Help Canada celebrate its birthday by playing our game winning a fabulous goodie bag of Canadian-made goodies!!

Below is a list of questions and the participating shops. Search the shops and answer at least 10 of the questions to be entered into a random draw to win our Team Canada Goodie Bag!

When you are ready to submit your answers, please contact PiggytailsStationary through her Etsy shop!

Submit your answers by MONDAY JULY 7th!!!!!

Which Saskatchewan jewelry artist has over 350 sales?
Which Winnipeg artis lives in a small rural community with her husband, 2 kids, cats and a dog?
Who has poppies in her avatar?
Which Ontario Etsian has 3 etsy shops?
Who has a link to a supply shop with the number 28 in the shop name?
Which BC artist grew up in South Africa?
Which Edmonton artist makes dinner napkins?
Who has a thing for Giraffe's?
Which jewelry artist gives a description on how to determine your ring size?
Which Ontario Etsian is a stay at home Mom to 3 girls?
Which artist has a love of books?
Whose favourite saying is "Black is easy. Colour is hard"?
Which artist is moonlighting as a Tree Nymph?
Which Edmonton artist has a category for sock monkeys?
Whose colourful shop features vintage fabrics and was an Etsy Featured Seller?
Whose store is named after fruit?
Which Eco conscious artist is generating good vibes?
Who is a published knitwear designer and mom to 3 boys?
Which jewelry shop is owned by 2 sisters? One in Canada and the other in Australia?
Whose shop name was inspired by and named for her two daughters?
Whose Etsy banner has hearts on it and a heart in her shop name?
Which jewelry artist creates from refashioned vintage items and has an entirely blue banner?
Who went to College in Nova Scotia but now lives in Vancouver?

Search these TCET shops for the answers:


Ele said...

Ooh that prize pack looks great!

Happy Canada Day folks!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Great! Thank you so much! :)