Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gift Giving through the Zodiac - Virgo

This series of articles will feature ideas for zodiac inspired handmade gifts from members of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team. Each new zodiac month will begin with an introduction to the qualities associated with the present astrology sun sign. Throughout the rest of the month I will feature items which have those qualities and/or would be a suitable gift idea for people of that sign.

Virgo - The Virgin
24 August - 22 September
Maiden, Servant, Perfectionist, Analyst

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and is associated with the qualities of the planet Mercury. In the astrological chart (or wheel) of 12 houses it is the ruler of the 6th, the house of service, routine, health and healing. Virgo is an earth sign and is symbolized by the virgin, or maiden, carrying a sheaf of wheat, symbol of fertility. This also signifies the Virgoan's practical ability to discern the wheat from the chaff, connections to the cycles of the earth, and affiliation with service and routine. Virgo is associated with the Earth Goddess and feminine power, and was worshipped through ancient times as Ceres (Roman), Isis (Egypt), Demeter (Greek) and even the Virgin Mary.

Being ruled by Mercury shows this sign's strong mental qualities and ability to be discerning and analytical. People born under this sign relate to the world through efficiency and a drive for perfection and will often choose to express themselves through service. Virgoans like to engage in meaningful work and can accomplish tasks that require patience, precision and responsibility.
People with a strong presence of Virgo in their charts: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Virgo, Virgo rising or other prominent influence in their astrology chart can have the following qualities: meticulous, diligent, sometimes shy, modest, gentle, sometimes quiet but can also be talkative, reliable, practical, fussy, intelligent, judgmental, analytical, perfectionist, precise, utilitarian, sensitive, detail oriented, neat and clean, hard working

Possible vocational calling:
With their sharp analytical abilities Virgoans do well in the media as writers or critics and they can make great accountants. It is in the most positive expression of servitude as a journey of self discovery through helping others that Virgoans are born 'servers'. They make good teachers, technologists (especially medical), nurses, scientists, personal assistants, secretaries, community builders and psychologists. With their keen eye for detail and drive for perfection they can be excellent craftspeople. They are motivated to produce things which are both beautiful and useful.

Gift Ideas:

This 100% cotton handkerchief by Tanislexis would make a perfect everyday gift for the health and environmentally concerned Virgo person. Tanis has screenprinted each one of these little handkerchiefs by hand and she describes them as 'the eco-friendly way to blow your nose or wrap a gift'. How cute is that! Tanis is offering free shipping on her green handkerchiefs.

Colours ruled by Virgo are green and dark brown. This delightful wrapping cloth by RikRak is green in more ways that one. It is a reusable wrapping cloth made out of repurposed vintage cloth and comes with a gorgeous long silky ribbon and 5 hang tags. The practical minded Virgoan will be thrilled with this beautiful, yet functional, gift.

Other gift ideas:
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This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Textile Designs and Kootsac re-usable bulk food bags.


O C Baby said...

I love these ideas! Such fabulous eco-friendly options....Great picks as usual!!

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some of the best people I know are virgos. :) thank you oh so much for including me in this thoughtful and well written series morgen. xo! t

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Great article!

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I myself am a virgo... nice description :p