Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gift Giving through the Zodiac - Yummy stuff with Leo flavour

Leo - The Lion
23 July - 23 August

This series of articles features ideas for zodiac inspired handmade gifts from members of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team. Each new zodiac month will begin with an introduction to the qualities associated with the present astrology sun sign. Throughout the rest of the month I will feature items which have those qualities and/or would be a suitable gift idea for people of that sign.

As well as making luxurious handmade soaps, Carmelsoaps makes delicious blended teas. This Vanilla Almond Rooibos tea would make a thoughtful gift. Leo qualities reflected in this tea are almonds and golden yellow calendula petals. The beautiful rich warm colours of the rooibos tea recall the colours of Africa where this herbal tea originates. Rooibos tea has many health benefits, including anti-oxidants which help delay the aging process - this will appeal to the Leo vanity.

Satsuma Sunrise soap by Sudsmuffin is filled with satsuma citrus and ripe juicy guava. Each handmade vegan bar is made with vegetable oils and raw, wildcrafted silk. Citrus trees are associated with the zodiac sign Leo as well as the golden yellow colour of this sunny soap bar.

This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Textile Designs and Kootsac re-usable bulk food bags.


Mrs SudsMuffin said...

Thanks so much for the feature! As it turns out, I am also a Leo and my birthday is in a few days.

Morgen said...

Yay for Leos! I am a Leo too.

Sara M. said...

Love Carmelsoaps tea!!

Tracy said...

Another great zodiac post, Morgen!

loscann said...
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loscann said...

I'm a Leo too! I just received some Rooibos Chai (from Clean and Bright) in the mail today :)

LoopyJ said...

That soap just made my tummy growl! lol it look good enough to eat:)