Monday, September 8, 2008

Gift Giving through the Zodiac - Healthy and Practical

Virgo - The Virgin
24 August - 22 September
Maiden, Servant, Perfectionist, Analyst

This series of articles features ideas for zodiac inspired handmade gifts from members of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team. Each new zodiac month will begin with an introduction to the qualities associated with the present astrology sun sign. Throughout the rest of the month I will feature items which have those qualities and/or would be a suitable gift idea for people of that sign.

Practical and Healthy:

For the health conscious Virgo, this heart shaped zipper pouch and foot care kit would make the perfect gift. Ihearthatdance created these unique flannel and tartan pouches together with Sonia, of Essentialgoodies, who made the whipped body frosting and delicious smelling sugar scrub for a luxurious foot treat. Virgos are usually very busy and may have a tendency to worry. A gift like this would encourage relaxation and would also take care of tired feet after a long day's work.

Have you ever really needed your lip balm and you can't seem to remember where you put it? Loopy4ewe has designed these fabulous cozy cotton keychains to safely attach your lip balm to your keys, purse or bag. By purchasing one of these keychains you will not only solve that little problem for the practical Virgo in your life, but you will also be contributing to Breast Cancer Research. Loopy4ewe will be participating in the 60km Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk in June 2009. All proceeds from the sale of these keychains will go towards this cause.

This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Textile Designs and Kootsac re-usable bulk food bags.

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Alesha Fowlie said...

I think I need one of those lip balm covers!
I love this series, I cant wait to see what you come up with next