Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gift Giving through the Zodiac - Aquarius

This series of articles will feature ideas for zodiac inspired handmade gifts from members of the Trans-Canada Etsy Team.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer
21 January - 18 February
- Genius, Revolutionary, Humanitarian, Sage, Scientist

Aquarius is the11th sign of the zodiac and is an air sign associated with the qualities of the planet Uranus. In the astrological chart (or wheel) of 12 houses it is the ruler of the 11th, the house of friendship, groups and community relationships. Although the symbol of Aquarius is seen as a water carrier it is in fact an air sign. The water glyph depicting parallel wavy lines can also be seen as the movement of electrical current, light and the conductor of knowledge. Water is a powerful symbol of intuition and emotion. Blend this with the qualities of air (reasoning and intelligence) and Aquarians emerge with a unique understanding of humanity: a creative intelligence that combines rational thinking with a deep appreciation for the intuitive unconscious.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, has an eccentric orbit because it's axis of rotation has a sideways tilt. It is also the first planet to be found outside the boundary traced by Saturn's orbit. Considering Saturn's role as father and timekeeper, this placement of Uranus provides an insight into what motivates the Aquarian: a non-conformist with a breakaway impulse to escape normality and change the world with new innovative ideas.

As water bearers, the Aquarian pours out the water as a gesture of connecting to humanity through a sharing of this simple life giving element. Aquarians are humanitarians with a love for freedom and a need to share their ideas and visions for the future.

People with a strong presence of Aquarius in their charts: Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius, Aquarius rising or other prominent influence in their astrology chart can have the following qualities: eccentric, innovative, independent, love for freedom, humanitarian, loyal, contrary, inventive, perverse, intellectual, fanatical, rebellious, strong ideals, honest, detached, imaginative, dogmatic, unpredictable, friendly, original, distant, understanding

Possible vocational calling:
Aquarians have a strong need to express their inventiveness and progressive thinking through their work. They have an affinity with technology, communication and electricity. With this is mind they do well in both scientific and/or creative fields such as in science, aviation, photography, radio and television, web designers, as communicators using computer technology, electronics and inventors. They also do well in group endeavors and humanitarian work, especially when involved in the protection of human rights.

Gift Ideas for Aquarians:

The sign of Aquarius is associated with birds that fly long distances in large flocks. This beautiful necklace by StringmeAlong is called 'Migratory Patterns' and features two blue patinaed swallows set off perfectly by quartz and glass beads in red, blue and turquoise.

Colours associated with Aquarius are turquoise and electric blues. DesignedbyRJ describes this bold necklace like this: "Vibrant funky turquoise colored glass nuggets are strung between lengths of gunmetal rollo-style chain." This would make a great gift for the eccentric and original Aquarian.

An Aquarian born Valentine baby, TooAquarius is the maker of the quintessential Aquarian bead. Cosmic blue green swirls of flowers and butterflies spiral gracefully on high gloss finished polymer beads. These swirly patterns remind me of the wavy lines of the Aquarian water glyph.

This feature has been prepared for you by Morgen of Inkyspider Textile Designs and Kootsac re-usable bulk food bags.


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Fabulous write-up, and gift ideas.

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My dad is Aquarius, and he's an electrician :) Wonderful picks for suggested gifts (although not sure if my dad would like any of them ;) )

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