Monday, February 23, 2009

Shop Local Series: Plushoff of Kamloops, BC

Jacki, the creator of Plushoff, lives in the city of Kamloops, in British Columbia, Canada. Kamloops is a beautiful part of the province with many lakes, a fantastic river, internationally renowned ski hills as well as a university.

City of Kamloops

Jacki says: "It is the Tournament Capital of Canada! We love our sports around here, especially hockey! GO BLAZERS!" She keeps meaning to make a plush hockey set and says that maybe she needs to go and watch a hockey game for some inspiration!
Jacki is also a stay at home mom and a full time student. She started PlushOff as an alternative to buying mass produced toys, as many of her children's toys had been recalled. "I absolutely adore making plush, it brings a twinkle to my eye to work with such fun and cuddly pieces" says Jacki.

Toast plush

When asked how she thinks the area she lives in is reflected in her work she replies: "Well, honestly where I live totally reflects in my work! During the summer I slow down on making plush, not to say that I stop, but that I don’t put out as many new plush. Why? Because I am outside playing, swimming, boating, fishing, or camping! During the frigid cold winters I hibernate indoors and sew and create to my hearts content!"

Blueberry Pie plush

Jacki used to live in Oklahoma in the USA for quite a few years and came back to Canada in May of 2008 so she has'nt yet had a chance to bring her craft to the community. She does have some of her plush in a Kelowna gallery which supports provincial artists.

Bizarre Bazaar in Kamloops

This summer Jacki intends to participate in the Kamloops Bizarre Bazaar Artisan Showcase which happens throughout the summer on Thursday evenings in front of the Old Courthouse in Kamloops. She hopes to meet up with some great crafty people from the area.

Ticklish Tangerine Bed Bug plush

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PrairiePeasant said...

Great article Jacki! My daughter (9) was sitting on my lap as we were browsing through your shop. The sheeples is her favourite!

laurabucci said...

Very charming plush! Sounds like a good life.

Melanie L said...

I love Jacki's work! So sweet and imaginative!

Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

Love the plushies :) And Kamloops sounds like a wonderful place to live! Welcome back to Canada.

Alesha said...

Love those Plushies!

persephonesawakening said...

Kamloops has a bizarre bizarre??? Why am i not living in BC?!