Monday, February 16, 2009

Shop Local Series: of southern Manitoba

Southern Manitoba is a great place to live. Here you can experience all four unique seasons to the fullest and the sky is so big you can see a rainbow end to end. A place filled with small town festivals year round!

You can visit woodlands and wheat fields, rolling hills and flowing rivers, and even rocky cliffs and sandy deserts, all within a day's drive.

This is where Dré of calls home. She is an artist, mom, freelance writer, designer, domestic engineer, and more but not always in that order.

While it is impossible to put all of Dré's work in one category, her work is often based upon small editions of items created with supplies she happens upon. She has a few lines that are a constant, such as her cute and quirky stubby totes, ornaments and holiday cards.

Most often she is creating one of a kind art cards: small pieces that can be given as a card or framed as a gift. Dré also paints, knits, and crafts whatever suits her fancy: her product inconsistencies are her constant.

Dré's life environment is reflected in her work. Living and working at home with her kids always on the go, the colours and subject matter in her work are often bright and lively or fun and quirky. Living in a predominantly french catholic town reminds Dré of her on again off again curiosity in the saints and has rekindled her bilingualism.

Dré can occasionally be seen scouting the hardware store for paint mis-tints, or the riverside for driftwood and other treasures. She is more often seen taking her sprouts for a walk, to play group and the park.

Check out more of Dré's artwork and creations in her shop, or blog. Don't forget to look at her written work here at Buy Canadian First.

This feature has been prepared for you by Laura of PrairiePeasant.


Crafty Ash said...

great feature Dre, its so intriguing to have a peek inside your world!!!

Morgen said...

What a fun and colourful glimspe into your life Dre - thank-you:)

Dre said...

thanks for featuring me!! It was super fun!

laurabucci said...

I noticed those quirky and stubby totes before and I think they're great! Thanks for your glimpse on Southern Manitoba.

Rhonda said...

great feature dre!!