Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meow said the Kitty Cat

I am an animal lover. I have had several different types of animals as pets over the years, and a cat was one of them. I love cats, and cats love me - even cats that normally don't warm up to strangers often climb up on my lap within a few minutes of me being in their home. I would have a cat now, except my husband is allergic to them.

This article is about cats...

First up is this adorable wooly grey & red sock kitty made by Puncezilla in Alberta. I think his long whiskers and cute tail would look perfectly at home on my bed :)

Next are these large organic catnip raviolis made by 4paws in Ontario. I know how crazy cats go over catnip, and these are so colourful! This would be a perfect treat for your 4-footed feline friends! And right now they're on sale :)

What about a bigger version of the cat? Minouette in Ontario created this limited edition linocut of the majestic Tiger. Gorgeous work and it would be a fabulous addition to any office or den.

Just click on the pictures to take you directly to each listing. From there you can also see what else these wonderfully creative artists have available!

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minouette said...

Why, thank you for featuring my tiger print! My shop Minouette is named in honour of my cat, who would surely enjoy some catnip ravioli and a stuffed friend with such character. ;)

Best wishes,