Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shop Local Series: Clean and Bright Soaps of Enfield, Nova Scotia

Enfield is located in Hants County, Nova Scotia at the approximate halfway point between Halifax and Truro and is located on Grand Lake. The lake is part of the Shubenacadie Canal System that connects Halifax Harbour to the Bay of Fundy.

The Shubenacadie Canal
This river system was used by Aboriginal people for transportation, and when the European settlers arrived they started building locks along the system so they could bring larger boats to transport people and goods.

The Shubenacadie Canal in Winter

The wild and quiet beauty of the area is punctuated by loons on the lake in the summer, the migration of Canadian Geese in the spring and fall, and the lake ice singing during the frigid nights of winter. Jody of Clean and Bright Soaps and Candles considers herself lucky to call this historic and lovely place home.

Biscotti Aroma Melts

Jody is a stay-at-home mom of three children. She left an office job in 1999 to stay home with her children, and started Clean and Bright Soaps and Candles in 2000. She started with candles, and quickly expanded to handmade soaps while drawing on her teenage memories of creating skin-care goodies from scratch using fruits, veggies, honey, oatmeal, and anything she could find in the fridge and cupboards! She has recently expanded her line even further to include other bath & body products, natural perfumes and herbal teas.

Mint Chocolate Rooibos Loose Tea

The people of Enfield are conscious of supporting local producers and artisans and Farmers Markets and craft fairs are common to the area. Jody hers
elf tries to use local resources to create her own goods in an effort to support the local economy. To enhance her products, Jody adds herbs and flowers that she purchases from local herb growers, as well as beeswax that she sources from local beekeepers to use in her balms and beeswax candles.

Indonisian Interlude Lotion Bar

Jody states that, "I have many wonderful, regular customers here in my community. They supported me when I was doing home parties, they supported my Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles retail storefront for 2 years (until I closed it as I realized my children still needed me home more than running a store would allow), and they support me at our local Enfield Farmers Market from June to December."

Ancient Mysteries Soap with Chamomile, Lemon and Cassia Essential Oils

Jody is on the board of directors for the Enfield Farmers Market, which welcomes and encourages not just primary producers of fruit, veggies and meat products, but also crafters of every sort.

You can visit her shop at Clean and Bright Soaps and Candles.


PrairiePeasant said...

I wish I lived closer to shop at that farmer's market. I think I'll be visiting her shop sometime soon!

Rhonda said...

Good job, nice feature!!

Crafty Ash said...

that's such a neat peak into your life, thanks for sharing!

laurabucci said...

Love to see those pictures of Nova Scotia. Brings back memories. I lived in Halifax for 2 years and about 1 year in Truro...and Cape Breton. Would love to smell your products!

Melanie L said...

Awesome! I certainly looks like Jody lives in a very encouraging place to run a business! Love it!

minouette said...

Looks so beautiful!
Lovely story Enthral. Sounds like Jody in in a great community.