Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop Local Series - String Me Along of Moncton, New Brunswick

The city of Moncton is located in southeastern New Brunswick. It has been nicknamed the Hub City because it is geographically located at the center of the Maritime provinces, and because it is also an important transportation center for the region.

This area of New Brunswick is home to a sizable Acadian population. Despite the expulsion of the Acadians to Louisiana in the late 1700`s, where they became the Cajun culture, the Acadian culture flourishes here today. In 2009, Moncton will the see the World Acadian Congress arrive on their doorstep. There is also a replica Acadian village where you can see an interpretation of Acadian life in the days of yore.

In Shediac (not far from Moncton), you'll find the world's largest lobster!

Carol of String Me Along Jewelry Boutique recently found herself transplanted from the busy city of Toronto to the calmer and smaller city of Moncton. When she moved, she also moved her small business. Carol makes beautiful beaded jewelry using a wide mix of materials: glass and crystals; stones and pearls; different metals; handmade lampwork, and lucite beads.
On a Clear Day

She is often finds inspiration in her surroundings, whether at home or in her travels. A recent trip to Paris a little over a year ago yielded this series, which was inspired by cobblestone streets:

Luminous Cascade

The process of moving from a larger center to a smaller one has definitely made an impact on her work. Carol comments that, "while I was there [in Toronto], I found my pieces were larger and bolder; since I have moved to a smaller, gentler area I find that I have channeled this and my work has become calmer , daintier, [and] more feminine in response."

Molasses in January

It won't be long before local materials and textures start making an appearance in her work as she has been collecting a stash of beach glass, pebbles and shell remnants to use in her creations.

Carol has found that in the Moncton area, handmade does have a fairly significant following. She checked out two large craft shows as a shopper, and comments that both were very well attended. She did a small show at Christmas and was well received. There are also a number of gift stores and craft stores that focus on local talent.

Autumn Blossom

Charming Scarlet

Carol's beautiful worked can be purchased online at String Me Along Jewelry Boutique.


Crafty Ash said...

Beautiful work, Carol! I found it really interesting how your aesthetic changed when you moved cities.

laurabucci said...

Wow, that must have been quite a change! Same as Crafty Ash interesting to see how your style changed.

PrairiePeasant said...

Great feature! String me Along's work is very beautiful.

Morgen said...

Great article, thank-you. i was also interested in hearing how your work changed when moving to a smaller centre.
I love the Autumn bracelet with the aventurine flowers and copper.

Melanie L said...

I just love Carol's work! Beautiful!

Beth - IndieNorth said...

Gorgeous work! New Brunswick looks fabulous! I've never been out east, but I think it will soon be time for a road trip!

the rikrak studio said...

yay string! i just love her beautiful shop, and she's such a lovely person, too! what a great feature!