Monday, April 20, 2009

Shop Local Series - Sea Glass Designs of Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Nova Scotia is famous for its beautiful shorelines and friendly people." Rita of Sea Glass Designs

There is definitely a reason why Nova Scotia is known for its arts and crafts. There are many talented individuals involved in creating handmade items, and the number of craft shows in the province is really quite astounding. As a whole, the handmade movement is really well supported in the province.

This week, shop local is featuring another Haligonian; Rita of Sea Glass Designs. Located in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Sea Glass Designs specializes in earth friendly jewelry and art made with shards of sea glass and pottery pieces gathered from Nova Scotia beaches. Rita has been gathering sea glass since she was a small girl growing up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

She says, "There's nothing more soothing than strolling the beaches, keeping an eye out for that little splash of colour among the rocks and sand."

For those who aren't familiar with sea glass, it is a piece of glass, china or pottery that has found its way into the sea, and is smoothed by being tossed about in the waves and sand. The piece eventually washes up on shore, sometimes after many years in the sea. The very nature of sea glass means that every piece of art and jewelry is an original.

Roses and Daisies Sea Pottery Necklace

All of the glass used in Rita's jewelry is gathered from Nova Scotia beaches. "Its fun to think about where the glass has been before in its former life, perhaps once someone`s cherished wedding china, or a shard from a sunken ship" explains Rita. "Many people in Nova Scotia have happy memories of gathering sea glass as a child, some of us just never stopped. I think people appreciate the beauty and history in glass that has been shaped by the sea."

Mermaid's Tail Palest Aqua Necklace

Rita participates in the Halifax Farmer`s Market held in the Keith`s Brewery Building on Saturday mornings. This is a very popular and well-attended market, with a waiting list for vendors. She's there whenever she's lucky enough to get a spot, and its always a fun morning. Wonderful food, textiles, jewelry, soap, music and just about anything you can think of is available there. There is more info about the market here:

White Caps Earrings

Additionally, you can find work from Sea Glass Designs at Love, Me Boutique on Birmingham Street in Halifax, the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, P`Lovers in Halifax and Mahone Bay, and at The Green Egg in MA.

Window on the Sea Necklace

Rita is very happy to have a product pic on the eco-friendly page of LOULOU magazine`s June issue. Here is a link to a recent blog article by FASHION magazine.


Crafty Ash said...

so fascinating! beachcombing for sea glass on the west coast is one of my fondest childhood memories. I love how Rita uses the natural shapes of the beach glass to create her jewelry.

PrairiePeasant said...

Sea glass is so intriguing! I love how every piece must have a fascinating story. Sea glass designs' work is so lovely.

Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

What a lovely article! I love Rita's work :)
And hearing how she grew up in Cape Breton brought back wonderful memories of all the summers I spent there with family :)

laurabucci said...

Amazing what you can do with your finds. That Mermaid piece is very nice!

Puncezilla said...

Sea glass is very beautiful. I love what you do with it, making it even more beautiful in your jewelry. Each piece is so unique.