Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The car doors excitedly slammed at the edge of the Atlantic. After countless rest stops and games of eye-spy, we crested the Rocky Mountains and coasted down to the Pacific. The Trans-Canada road trip nears its end.

We hope you had a fabulous time meeting our team along the way. We are a nice, friendly bunch aren't we?

You still have time to enter our contest before the last Canada Day fireworks fade into the sky tonight. Just in case you missed the excitement, two great prizes are up for grabs.

The first is an amazing goodie bag, filled to brimming with little gifts from all the team members that you met along the way.

The grand prize is an amazing T-shirt rug, woven by team-member Fiveforty, using T-shirts donated by all the team members.

The draw for both of these fantastic prizes will take place tomorrow, July 2nd. For a last chance to enter, simply purchase from any of the participating team shops. For every $10 spent in a shop, you will have one ballot entered into the contest.

A heartfelt, Canadian thank you to all who participated in our fun event and supported the TransCanada Etsy team. HAPPY CANADA DAY from all of us.


Rhonda said...

Happy Canada Day =)

the rikrak studio said...

yay canada day! what a great trip it's been! many thanks to our hosts along the way!

Enthral said...

Happy Canada Day!

Nadine said...

Happy Canada Day!

It's been great to "see" everyone and learn more about them!