Friday, June 26, 2009

Trans-Canada Road Trip: IHEARTTHATDANCE

Still in Ontario, we are now visiting iHeartThatDance. Two people make iHeartThatDance what it is: Nicole (who lives in New Market) and Ally (who lives in Little Britain). These two are about an hour's drive apart, give or take a few minutes depending if a trip to Tim Horton's is required en route! Ally and Nicole are two Irish and Highland dancers who make cute, affordable, handmade gear for dancers.

Ally says that her favorite Canadian bands and musicians are Great Big Sea, Gordon Lightfoot, her husband Philip who is a bagpiper, and Nicole too, who is a professional flute player. Nicole thinks that any and all Canadian feis (Irish dance competition) musicians are her favorite, since playing two million reels every weekend is not easy! As for their favorite Canadian personalities, Ally says, "I've got us covered, it's Rick Mercer. I met him in person after a taping of his show and gave him heck for not accepting me as his Facebook friend." At this point in the conversation, I think Nicole rolled her eyes!

Visit iHeartThatDance on Etsy and if you make a purchase by July 1st, you will get your name into a draw for the awesome prizes that our team has put together for this road trip and giveaway. Check out the details of this promotion and a full list of the participating shops.


I Heart That! Dance said...

heh heh, Nicole rolled her eyes at MANY points during this discussion :D

Sara M. said...

It's great to "meet" you Nicole and Ally!

Pegg said...

Hello Nicole and Ally!

NIce to "see" you both!
Happy Road Trip!

Nicole R.J. said...

Hi laides - aren't you both so cute with your kidlets!

PrairiePeasant said...

Nice to meet you both, Nicole and Ally!

the rikrak studio said...

wonderful to see you, iheart!