Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trans-Canada Road Trip: WILLOWCATVINTAGE

Today we are going to Manitoba! First, let's visit with Andrea, and her shop WillowcatVintage. Andrea lives in a small French rural community south of Winnipeg. She is selling vintage goods in her Etsy shop right now, but she is also an artist and creator of an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind items and as you can see from her photo, she tends to get really wrapped up in her work. Her favorite Canadian musician is Leonard Cohen. She also likes the Arrogant Worms because they always make her laugh and she likes Fred Penner too because she and her kidlings have so much fun at his concerts. Andrea's favorite Canadian personality is the beaver!

Visit WillowcatVintage on Etsy and if you make a purchase between June 20th - July W1st, you will get your name into a draw for the awesome prizes that our team has put together for our road trip and giveaway. Check out the details of this promotion and a full list of the participating shops.


PrairiePeasant said...

LOL, that is too funny--love the picture Dré!

OffTheHooks/Crafty Ash said...

Does Fred Penner still play?! that would be awesome to see!

Pegg said...

Dre I love your tee cutting photo, you are the best!!

orangeadnred said...

yay willowcat! :)
great interview!

Enthral said...