Friday, September 25, 2009

Monthly Challenge....Autumn.....Vote for Your Favorite!

The very first monthly challenge was to create something that fits in with the theme of autumn, gathering, sowing or scattering. The Trans Canada Etsy Team rose to the occasion, and members submitted some absolutely stunning entries! Now comes to hard part: choosing which of these will be named the winner of the first monthly challenge.

This is how it works:

1. Read through the entries and pick your favorite.
2. Vote for your favorite entry using the poll at the end of the post before September 30th.

Simple right? So let's learn about the entries!

Entry #1 Chocolate Chestnut Torte Vintage Fabric Bib

Our first entry comes from Rikrak. She has submitted the Chocolate Chestnut Torte Vintage Fabric Bib as her entry. This quilt bib features patchwork of fabulous browns & beiges, with a wonderful retro showcase print with pinecones, forest leaves and other fabulous vintage woodland goodies! It would look adorable on baby when the family gathers for Thanksgiving.

Entry #2 Autumn Joy Rebound Journal
Autumn often inspires thoughts of poetry and an urge to sketch. This entry comes to us from Prairie Peasant. The Autumn Joy Rebound Journal is made from a re-purposed vintage book. The inside is filled with a generous 160 pages (counting both sides), of various reclaimed papers, all blank on one side. Each section of pages is wrapped with a colourful fall image from a gently used calendar.

Entry #3 Mountain Ash Earrings

These beautiful earrings were submitted by Wild Woman Jewelry. The Mountain Ash Earrings are coral red, cinnamon, and pale ivory green in colour to represent the colors of the berries from green to ripe and juicy. They are made from vintage lucite beads stacked on oxidized sterling silver, mixed with vintage lucite leaves and suspended from pretty kidney shaped gunmetal ear wires.

Entry #4 Autumn Handbound Leather Journal
This gorgeous fall themed journal was submitted by La Paperie. The Autumn Handbound Leather Journal is made from beautiful chestnut cowhide, with a wrap around flap. It is hand-engraved (using a burning tool) with an oak leaf and acorn. A brown leather cord wraps around the journal, keeping the book securely closed. 320 blank pages are available to collect your thoughts.

Entry #5 Fall Glory OOAK Charm Necklace
RJ Charms has submitted this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The Fall Glory Charm Necklace features an upcycled goldtone leaf, a copper leaf charm, a ceramic flower, a copper filigree bead, and an 18k gold plated chain with lobster style clasp. What a perfect way to compliment a fall outfit!

Entry #6 Fine Silver Earrings with Leaf Texture
Looking out a window through some leafy fall branches inspired the pattern on these earrings. The Fine Silver Earrings with Leaf Texture from Enthral Designs feature a random leaf pattern. The charms on the earrings are entirely handmade and the sterling ear wires are hand formed as well.

Entry #7 Autumn Mother Nature Pendant

This artful piece of jewelry was created by My Belle Bijoux. The Autumn Mother Nature Pendant is wood burned and hand painted. It has a protective resin coating, and hangs from a 16 inch brown velour cord. The reds, yellows and browns are perfect for fall!

Entry #8 The Autumn Tree of Life

This entry also comes to us from My Belle Bijoux. The Autumn Tree of Life features antique brass art wire, gemstones, mother of pearl and glass beads all in shades of fall. It hangs on a 16" matching link chain.

Entry #9 Swirlpool: Lampwork Borosilicate Heart

Intuibead has created this beautiful Lampwork Heart Pendant called Swirlpool. A mixture of reds, black, and ivory swirl joyously around the lobes of this pretty heart. The heart measures just over 2 inches long from top of the loop to the tip and just over 1 inch in diameter.

Entry #10 Changing Tides Pocket Scarf

With the changing season, there's a chill out there and Off the Hooks has created a scarf to keep you warm in the brisk fall air. The Changing Tides Pocket Scarf is made with a luxurious, thick blend of wool, acrylic and rayon in very unique color combination reminiscent of the sea. The scarf changes color from a sea foam green, to sandy brown, to misty blue.

Entry #11 Celebrating Autumn Journal

There isn't anything more representative of a Canadian Fall than a red Maple Leaf! My Handbound Books has created the Celebrating Autumn Journal using a real leaf, some birch bark, and marbled paper. The 192 pages of cream coloured, unlined paper are bound inside this lovely cover and tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Entry #12 Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk Soap

Pumpkins and spice go together like strawberries and cream. This wonderfully scented Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk Soap has been submitted by Carvel Country Soaps. It's dark, creamy and rich, with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg; this is the quintessential fall fragrance.

Entry #13 Autumn Marbled Paper

Splashes of oranges, yellows, creams and browns swirl and mix on this entry from My Marbled Papers. The Autumn Leaves Hand Marbled Paper is made by floating acrylic marbling paints on a carrageenan base. The colours can be controlled and manipulated to form complex patterns. Every sheet is different as only one sheet can be made each time.

Now comes the difficult part: choosing one entry to vote for! Use the poll below to vote for your favorite. Remember, voting closes on September 30th.

Thanks for voting! As an added bonus, if you leave a comment here telling us about your favorite two entries and why you like them, we'll enter your name into a draw for 2 free tubes of Etsy Lip Balm and two 1 inch Etsy Buttons!

Be sure to leave a way that we can contact you as well. The draw will be made once the voting closes on September 30th.


Maria said...

How in the world am I going to choose from these awesome entries??? Great work everyone.

by Patricia Wood said...

How can we choose?!? Such beautiful things... #8 The Tree of Life is absolutely stunning, #4Leather Journal is superb! They ALL look great! Congratulations Trans-Canada Team:)


Wild Woman Jewelry said...

Amazingly beautiful pieces ~ such a variety of talent and artistry! I'm off to check out every single one!

suzyQuilts said...

Great creations it was hard to choose!

mchen said...

I don't even wear jewelry... but I voted for #5 because the Charm is just gorgeous. Great combo of shapes and colours!

I also love Carvel's soap. I can literally smell the pumpkin emanating from my monitor.

All the items are terrific though — so much canuck talent... WOOHOO!

the rikrak studio said...

oh this is gorgeous!
thanks so much for putting this together, enthral!


Beth S said...

All the entries were fabulous but I have a special place in my heart for lampwork and leather journals.

GStar said...

I'm a sucker for journals... so #4 and #11 are my faves!

Dolores said...

I too love journals and so I would pick #4 and #11.

PaperPumpkin said...

I love #11 because I love the intricate autumn details, and the soap (#12) because of its sweet and spicy homemade goodness-I love soaps!

Morgen said...

This is wonderful Enthral:)
I love leather and that journal is really something. It was a toss up though with Carvel's yummy looking soap, another one of my little loves in life.
Congrats to all of you for making such fantastic entries.
(Hopefully life will have slowed down for me enough next month to make an entry myself)

Enthral said...

It was no problem! There are so many great items being produced by our team members. I am happy to put something like this together and show the world what we've got. :)

I love the journal from prairie peasant. The inside is gorgeous with the calender pages. Click on the link to the listing, and you'll see what I mean. I also love the scarf from Off the Hooks. The colours are beautiful. And I am a huge sucker for soap, and would love to have some of that pumpkin spice in my shower!

All of the items are amazing. Great work everyone :)

PrairiePeasant said...

I agree, all of the items are wonderful. It's so nice to see such variety. The pumpkin soap sounds delicious!

Anny said...

My favorites are #4 and #3, they are so gorgeous! but all the nominated are lovely! Congrats to all!

GreenWorks said...

Ooh that was tough to pick just one!

Casey said...

My two favorites are:

#8 The Autumn Tree of Life...I voted for this one because I totally want to wear it right now. It's beautiful!

#12 Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk Soap...I want to smell like fall, and I love soaps!

It was hard to choose just one to vote for, because all of the entries are wonderful! :)

rosalynn said...

the earrings in nuber six are very pretty without being to bold and the tree of life necklace in number 8 is just beautiful!

Nicole R.J. said...

What a fabulous collection of autumnal Canadiana! Love it!

Karen Meyers and Mary Sweeney said...

I had a hard time deciding between the bib and the marbled paper, but ultimately, I chose the bib. I'm a sucker for vintage fabric!

Mincka said...

I love #1 because of the very special collours and it seems so well made! I love #4 - what can i do: i m a bookbinder and this one is soooo well done! Great work.
I love #11 because of the balance in the collours and the way it is worked out.

I voted for #4 after some deep soul searging...

warm greetings, Mincka - the Netherlands

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

I found this hard to vote for, each entry was so lovely and so different from the other entries. My fav two are the Swirlpool heart and the sweet little bib.

elena said...

It took me a while to made up my mind with so many good entries to choose from!

But I went with the maple tree pattern journal (#11).


Steph said...

Sooo much talent here - wow! I haven't been able to choose/vote yet and i've been staring for half an hour already ;)

Nancy said...

Everything is just so beautiful! What great talent! Every item just makes me feel warm and cosy!

ArtMind said...

I had a hard time choosing between the chocolate bib and the handbound leather book but I chose for the chocolate bib as I believe that kiddies can't learn early enough about chocolate! LOL :)

minouette said...

The challenge is a great success! So many submissions of such high quality. Beautiful stuff teamcanada!

ellen fisher said...

All great items. I love # 11 - very "autum-inspired" with the maple leaf encorporated in the cover.
I also like the soap as goat-mikl soap is my favorite and the pumpkin fits right in to the season.

ellen fisher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
minouette said...

This is very challenging! Tough choice! I would have to say #4 - I love books and the texture here with the left really grabs me, and #9 because of the colours and shape of the lampwork bead are lovely.

Andrew said...

# 10 - Changing tides pocket scarf is just so beautiful !

Beki said...

All beautiful.
My vote #11

Sótano said...

Refleja el otoño tal como es

TransCanadaEtsy said...

Thanks to all that voted and commented! You've made our first monthly challenge a huge success! A post with the details of the winning entry and the winner of the lip balm will be up later today, so keep your eyes open for that.

Rhonda Miller said...

Great job, everyone. And thanks to everyone who came by to see our stuff and leave comments!

Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash LTD said...

All are great. Wonder why my entry was left out?

Rhonda Miller said...

BB, we haven't done the "Halloween" challenge yet - I've got your entry ready for that one!