Monday, November 9, 2009

November Challenge: **Spice it Up!**

This month, Trans Canada Etsy team members are being challenged to make something Spicy! 
The seasons are changing, and winter is settling in.  What could be more warming than something spicy?  I'm not just talking about food here- I'm thinking items with sizzle, color, fire, pungency, and vibrancy... what does the Trans Canada Etsy team have that can warm our spirits up as we settle in for yet another Canadian winter??? Think outside the box and warm us with your spicy creations!

Team members can submit their entries to OffTheHooks via convo. The deadline for entries is Saturday, November 21st. You must either provide a link to a listing with pictures of your item that I can use, or provide a good quality photograph. On November 23rd, I will post the entries here and voting will begin. On November 30th, the winner will be announced.

1 comment:

Enthral said...

spicy huh? I can do that :)