Thursday, November 26, 2009

On the Second Day of Christmas....

Welcome back! I hope you can feel the excitement of the holidays building. Today, on this second day of Christmas we meet team members inkyspider/kootsac and cleanbright.

First, let's meet our very talented Morgen, from New Denver in the Kootenays, British Columbia. Morgen has two etsy shops: inkyspider and kootsac. Kootsac is stocked with a truly inspired product: re-usable bulk food bags.

Inkyspider is home to Morgen's gorgeous textile designs.

Morgen shares her magical Christmas memories, which started all the way in South Africa!

Many years ago, when I was a child growing up in South Africa, my parents had some friends from Germany who celebrated Christmas in the German style which was on Christmas eve. It was called 'Heiligabend' which means 'holy eve'. On the eve of the 24th December the family would come together around the tree, eat a delicious meal together and then share the traditional opening of gifts. Our family enjoyed this so much that we adopted this tradition and still celebrate Christmas in this way today. My little family here in Canada have our celebration on Christmas eve as well. I think that it's the magic of the lights in the evening, the foresty smell of the tree and the sharing of food around the soft glow of many candles which makes Christmas so special for me. After dinner we will often take a walk through town and look at the lights and when we return someone will be 'Santa Claus' and will choose gifts from under the tree to hand out. Gifts are opened carefully one at a time. We may spend the rest of the evening enjoying this ritual together around the Christmas tree. In this way Christmas day becomes quite relaxed and we love to eat the leftovers from the night before as well as Christmas cookies and fresh homemade eggnog.

Now let's meet, Jody of cleanbright. Jody calls Enfield, Nova Scotia home. Cleanbright is a shop which brings a little extra freshness to the world by way of handmade soaps, candles, and other yummy smelling items. Jody also mixes her own tea blends.

Jody has a favorite holiday tradition, too:

My favourite holiday tradition is going out into the woods with my family to pick out our Christmas tree, cut it down, and bring it home. Once we get home, we're all pretty cold so I heat up some hot chocolate with marshmallows to help us warm up.

Mmmm... maybe the smell of fresh pine tree and hot chocolate will inspire a new soap or candle scent. Visit Jody's shop to take advantage of her free shipping offer with three or more purchases.

Remember, also that purchases from inkyspider, kootsac, cleanbright or any of our other participating shops will earn you ballots for our prize draw. Click below for details.


OffTheHooks said...

wow great stories, and such interesting traditions- thanks for sharing!!

Tina said...

Such wonderful Christmas stories....sounds like lovely ways to spend the holidays!