Friday, November 27, 2009

On the Third Day of Christmas....

Here we are at the third day of Christmas. I have better things in store for you than three french hens! Today we meet WildWomanJewelry and lapaperie.

Coming to us today from Fredericton, New Brunswick is Karon of WildWomanJewelry. Karon is the creator of colourful, vibrant and whimsical jewelry.

She also is a very skilled photographer and her work is sold at her second etsy shop, thegardenshed.

Karon is sharing with us today a fantastic Christmas memory from her childhood.

The Christmas I was seven was one I’ll never forget! My family always attended Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and our relatives gathered at our house for the first bite of the turkey after church. It was a late night for us kids but we always had such a great time with all our cousins…and the adults were tolerant of it all! My sisters and brother and I were well wound up by the time we finally went to bed…that year, I snuggled in my top bunk with my sister sleeping soundly below me. I was so excited, sleep eluded me…waiting for Santa, I tossed and turned and tossed and turned. Through the bedroom door, I could peek at the tree and check on Santa’s arrival. Time dragged on and on…. Finally I turned my back to the door and closed my eyes…what was that? Was that a green mitten touching my cheek? Was that Santa, HERE - in my room? Was that him, BREATHING??? SANTA WAS IN MY ROOM!!!! My only thought was if I turned over and looked at him, he would just disappear. I stayed so still, I fell asleep with this thought and next thing I knew, sunlight was streaming in the window and Santa had made his deliveries. I hurried out to the tree to tell everyone that Santa had touched my cheek when he had visited our house. I can still feel that mitten on my cheek!

WildWomanJewelry is also celebrating a second etsy-versary. Enjoy 15% off your entire order, plus shipping until the end of November 29th.

Also, today we meet Beverly of lapaperie. Lapaperie is located in beautiful Nova Scotia and is home to leather journals bound in the medieval style.

Beverly loves the winter and shares this with us:

Though I do not celebrate holidays, I do enjoy time with my family and friends very much. Favourite winter memories include making forts with my two sisters, cross-country skiing in the woods behind our house, making tea biscuits with my Nanny, and frequent trips with Dad to frozen lakes around our area to go skating with friends (complete with the obligatory hot cocoa). The first snowfall of the season always fills me with wonder and never fails to make me feel like a little girl again!

I think that first snowfall makes us all a little giddy!

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Wild Woman Jewelry said...

The first snowfall is such a delightful and amazing event - makes me a bit awestruck every year! Thanks so much for reminding me! (and for this lovely feature too!!!)

Tina said...

What a magical childhood memory....Santa Claus touching your cheek on Christmas eve! I also love the first snowfall...the crispness of the air and the pure white snow on the is very magical for sure!

OffTheHooks said...

great, captivating stories, both of you! thanks for sharing!