Friday, December 4, 2009

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Lords a-leaping? Not here, but it is Day 10 of our 12 day walk down memory lane. And today, there are yet another two team members itching to share their favorite holiday memories.

First, we introduce you to Carol of stringmealong. Carol lives in Moncton, New Brunswick. Using a variety of materials, she crafts fun, feminine and pretty jewelry and accessories.

Carol shares her favorite Christmas memories with us.

Remember when you were a kid and you could taste the excitement of Christmas? As a family we would decorate a large Scotch fir in the odd-bod assortment of ornaments that had been collected and crafted over the years. There were four children, “steps and stairs” evenly spaced in height so the tree was evenly decorated from top to bottom.

When Christmas Eve finally arrived, we would go to Christmas Eve mass and on the way home, my parents would tune the car radio to CFRB where the station with the help of NORAD would track Santa, periodically announcing where he was in his journey delivering gifts to the children around the world. I still remember one year, during the cold war, that we heard Santa was in the USSR, and was delivering gifts to the good Soviet children. How very exciting that seemed.

Maybe this year, you'll hear those bells? Carol would also like you to know that she is offering a 20% discount on all orders in her stringmealong shop, until Decmber 6th.

Next, we meet Nadine of pixel8ed. Nadine creates beautiful gift and home items, including note- and address books, using a gorgeous selection of papers.

Nadine now calls St John, New Brunswick home, but has this to share about her childhood holiday memories:

I was born in raised in cold and snowy Labrador City. There were never any worries of a green Christmas there! We were always guaranteed to have plenty of snow on the ground by the first of December. ;) When you grow up in a small community there is a real sense of community pride all around you. One of my favorite holiday traditions was driving around on Christmas Eve and looking at the amazing displays of lights decorating nearly every house on every street in the town. Some even went all out and would have huge ice sculptures carved on their lawns. I've yet to see another town come close in light displays. This year I plan on spending my Christmas in Labrador again and since I haven't been in several years I'm looking forward to seeing if it still lives up to my memories.

Thanks for sharing your memories, Carol and Nadine.

Do you see anything in their shops that you wish would magically appear under your tree. Remember that your letter to Santa could earn you a ballot in our prize draw. Click here for all the important details.

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Morgen said...

There's nothing more Christmassy than decorating a real tree with that real tree smell ( a pine, oh wow!).
Nadine Labrador sound magical - I hope it's just as you remember, and more.