Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Challenge: Snow!

This month, the Trans Canada Etsy Team is hosting a new challenge for its members. We want you to make something inspired by our great Canadian winters and all that snow. It might be a love-hate relationship for some people, but however the snow inspires, let it drive your creative energy to make something for our challenge!

Team members can submit their entries to MyHandboundBooks via convo. The deadline for entries is Tuesday afternoon, February 23rd. You must either provide a link to a listing with pictures of your item that I can use, or provide a good quality photograph. On Tuesday evening (Feb 23rd), I will post the entries here and voting will begin. On February 28th, the winner will be announced. Have fun!


persephonesawakening said...

off to submit my listing.. i have just the perfect thing! If only I had a little girl to model it for me. Umm... i hope that didn't sound creepy. It's a handwarmer!

Natalia Designs said...

It a beautiful picture! I love winter!