Friday, June 25, 2010

Handmade In Canada - Nova Scotia

We are starting our Cross-Canada tour near the Atlantic, where we will meet two Halifax area sellers, SeaGlassDesigns and stringmealong.

Rita Laidlaw of SeaGlassDesigns makes perfect use of her coastal location. Offered in her shop are one of a kind jewellery designs featuring seaglass found on the beaches of Nova Scotia, or silver pieces inspired by the seaside.

Rita says that if given the choice to meet and share a day with a famous Canadian, she would spend the day with authour Margaret Atwood.
We could drink pots of tea and she could tell me all about herself.

StringMeAlong is another of the TCET's jewellery shops. Carol, the designer, uses a mix of colourful glass, lucite, and various other natural and man-made materials, to create fun and fresh jewellery.

Her dream is to meet scientist, activist, and authour David Suzuki.

David Suzuki has made the science of the natural world fascinating for as long as I can remember. I admire his commitment to environmentalism, and he has greatly inspired me to be more thoughtful in my approach to daily life. If ever I had the chance to meet him, I would discuss with him how I could do more to lessen my impact.

Stringmealong is offering 25% off all orders (excluding shipping) for the duration of the promotion. Add promo code *TCET Summer* in the notes to seller.

Remember that all purchases in any of our participating shops also earn you ballots for the grand prize draw - a gorgeous rug woven by fiveforty.

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1 comment:

Diana said...

Lovely items!

Regarding David Suzuki: my friend recently saw him at Safeway buying a roasted chicken, and it wasn't free range or organic, which seemed odd to me. I've heard a lot of bad things about him recently (to my disappointment) so if you ever DO get a chance to meet him, I hope he can defend his roasted chicken purchase!