Monday, June 28, 2010

Handmade in Canada - West and North Ontario

Ontario seems to be an exciting place for crafting. Today, we move on across the province, introducing you to our final two Ontario team-members: jenmerritt and fiveforty.

JenMerritt, of Chatham is a designer of handmade scarves, totes and accessories.

Jen has a great dream date lined up with CBC media personality, Jian Ghomeshi.

I'm big time crushin' on Jian Ghomeshi - that smart, sophisticated, witty voice of Q and hero of the CBC. We would go berry picking. And discover some unique form of banana berry or something that would be TOTALLY newsworthy!

Visit JenMerritt to take advantage of a 50% discount on all pre-made items.

We are now off to the northern edge of Lake Superior, to Terrace Bay where we meet Pegg Campbell of fiveforty. As you may know, Pegg is the designer behind our grand prize rug. What a beauty... and there are many more for purchase in her shop. She also designs beautiful jewelry and suncatchers using a vast variety of beads, many of which are eco-friendly options.

Pegg has a fabulous date dreamed up, with none other than Canadian children's entertainer, The Friendly Giant. (Wonder if I could tag along for this date?)

We would bake butter tarts together while he read me a story from the book bag! Of course, Rusty the Rooster and Gerome the Giraffe could come along too!

Remember that all purchases in any of our participating shops also earn you ballots for the grand prize draw - a gorgeous rug woven by fiveforty.

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