Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited to the ....

Handmade in Canada Party, hosted by the TransCanada Etsy team, and just in time for Canada Day!

Join us over the next seven days as we travel from east to west, to introduce you to the following TransCanada Team Members:

seaglassdesigns, stringmealong, rikrak, rjcharms, ellecools, jenmerritt, motivatedmotion, fiveforty, chicki, tooaquarius, PrairiePeasant, CarvelCountrySoaps, TransCanadaTeam.

*Be sure to click each of the links above to check for special offers and promotions.*

To add to the excitement, everyone will have a chance to win one of two amazing prizes.

The Grand Prize is a woven T-shirt rug. Using T-shirts collected by her teammates, Pegg of fiveforty, has crafted this incredible rug. It has been woven out of T-shirts supplied by our team members. The colours red and white represent the colours of the Canada flag, with the black representing the stretch of highway that links us all from east to west, and which our team was name for.

You can win this rug by shopping with any of the participating shops listed above. All purchasers will receive one ballot per every $10 spent, per shop. Be sure to check out our team shop, where you can sample a selection of items from an even larger selection of our members. Purchases from the team shop also count toward the Grand Prize draw.

Our second prize is a fabulous goodie bag, home to a variety of gifts donated by the participating members. The value of this gift stands at approximately $225.00.

To be eligible to win this prize, play our treasure hunt. One of the following symbols (a Maple Leaf, a Canadian beaver, a Tim Horton's coffee cup, or hockey sticks) is hidden in each of the particpating shops. Find them and convo stringmealong to tell her how many of each you were able to find. If you are correct, you will earn a ballot for the draw.

Our contests close at midnight EST on July 1 (Canada Day). We will draw for both of these prizes on July 2nd. Stay tuned for fun and enlightening interviews with the TCET members, special offers from the shops, and be sure to enter to win these great prizes.


Luv2Have said...

How fun! I just finished the hunt for all the symbols! Thanks for the chance to win!

Leah ♥

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

OK...the hunt begins...OFF I go!

l.c. said...

Thank you for this fun hunt and the chance to win such a great giveaway!

the rikrak studio said...

what a great team we have! wish i could WIN all of these amazing prizes!

thanks everyone!

Mamas Wood Shop said...

I must not really be a Canadian. I went to Stringmealong to find a hidden symbol and missed it! But that was fun so thanks! I might try again later.
Happy sales to you all from the Alberta Team!

doeStudio said...

Oh how wonderfully FUN!!! I love a good treasure hunt!