Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Day of the Party

What a whirlwind week this has been - a cross-country trip with visits to so many of our friends!! What fun!!

We hope you enjoyed our Handmade in Canada party. Now, don't be sad that its almost over. There is still one more day to take advantage of all the promotions and sales in our participating shops.

AND... even more exciting, you still have chances to win the two fabulous prizes on offer.

The Grand Prize is a woven T-shirt rug. Using T-shirts collected by her teammates, Pegg of fiveforty, has crafted this incredible rug. It has been woven out of T-shirts supplied by our team members. The colours red and white represent the colours of the Canada flag, with the black representing the stretch of TransCanada highway that links us all from east to west, and for which our team was named.

You can win this rug by shopping with any of the participating shops. (Just look back over the last few days to see who they are, and to read some fun tidbits about them, too.) All purchasers will receive one ballot per every $10 spent, per shop. Be sure to check out our team shop, where you can sample a selection of items from an even larger selection of our members. Purchases from the team shop also count toward the Grand Prize draw.

Our second prize is a fabulous goodie bag, home to a variety of gifts donated by the participating members. The value of this gift stands at approximately $225.00.

To be eligible to win this prize, play our treasure hunt. One of the following symbols (a Maple Leaf, a Canadian beaver, a Tim Horton's coffee cup, or hockey sticks) is hidden in each of the particpating shops. Find them and convo stringmealong to tell her how many of each you were able to find. If you are correct, you will earn a ballot for the draw.

Our contests close at midnight tonight. We will draw for both of these prizes tomorrow.

Many, many wishes from the TransCanada Etsy team for a HAPPY CANADA DAY! And thank you to everyone who shopped our shops, and hunted for treasure over the course of our Party. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

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