Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Musings of a TransCanada Etsy Team Newbie

Last month I joined my very first Etsy team: The TransCanada Etsy Team. Although I'd been selling on Etsy for almost a year, the teams section was still one many Etsy mysteries to me.

Here’s how it happened. I was fortunate enough to join a fantastic promotions thread early on in my Etsy career. It was one of my many friends there who, sensing my desire to participate in the Etsy community, suggested that TCET might be the right fit for me.

I'd heard of the team through the thread and through participating in their fantastic Handmade in Canada Day Party so I was definitely intrigued. I like to meet other Etsy sellers, to participate in the Etsy community and I'm interested in learning about and supporting the handmade arts community across Canada too. So I decided to join.

A quick convo to the membership coordinator and I was on my way. The joining process was quite simple. I filled out a questionnaire that confirmed that I was willing to be an active member of the team, paid my membership fee (the small fee that helps to cover the contest prizes, shipping, and advertising this active team does) and was officially invited to join the team.

I was worried it would be intimidating learning the ropes but it's been anything but. The team members have been quick to answer questions along the way and in a few short weeks I'm already: Posting my photos in the flickr group. Participating in the November Team Challenge. Signing up to be involved in the 12 Days of Christmas contest and the Secret Santa exchange. And blogging on the team blog too!

I recently attended my first team meeting, another Etsy first for me. I'd never been in a Virtual Lab before. It was very apparent from the meeting that this is a team that likes to get things done. Much ground was covered in a short period of time and in a respectful and friendly manner.

I think I'm going to be very happy as a member of this team. I'm learning a lot and enjoying all of the new opportunities to participate with this group. The team is now accepting new members. If you think this team might be the right fit for you, contact the membership coordinator at:


Maria said...

Welcome Brigitte!

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

What a great post Brigitte, and welcome to the team! :)

Penelope said...

As a fellow team 'rookie', I enjoyed reading your thoughts, and share your sentiments. It really was easy to get started, this team if very friendly and efficient!

Carol said...

Welcome Brigitte and Penelope. :)
Great blog post, Brigitte.